3 Tips To Designing A Wowing Photography Website

If your dream is to become an internationally recognized photographer or you are in the professional photography business in this era, the biggest mistake is failing to run a website. For you to attract more customers, you need to showcase your work.  As you know, you cannot convince people you are a professional photographer without presenting them a portfolio of your job.

With this in mind, having a photography website that stands out is not optional. Currently, a website is the best place to present potential clients with your photo work portfolio. The portfolio offers them a point to learn about your style and photography designs. In this regard, the photography website you set up must have the power to woo your prospective clients.

Here are the tips to developing a winning website to showcase your photography works:

  • Ensure you have a clear logo and tagline

Any physical venture has a business name and a tagline that describes who they are and what they do. The same aspect replicates to the virtual platform. In designing a wowing site for your photography business, you must ensure it has a clear logo and tagline. A logo is the virtual identity of your brand.


Whenever a client sees it, they automatically know what you do. For this reason, you must ensure the logo and tagline are clear and strategically placed on the website where visitors can see it without any struggle.

  • Put a concise “About Me” page

After checking on your logo and tagline, potential clients will move to your “About Me” page to learn more about you and your photography. As such, you need to have a detailed and concise “About Me” page. Tell the clients who you are, your photographic experience as well as other essential qualifications. Always remember that this page is your portfolio.

As such, you must ensure that it has the power to build trust and confidence as well as interest in your clients.

  • Make your site easy to navigate

Have you visited some photography website but left disappointed due to their navigation complexity? Imagine that was your site, how many visitors would persist to navigate it? If you want your site to stand out, easy navigation is irreplaceable. Always make sure that visitors can easily go through your photo works displayed on your site faster with minimum to zero difficulties.

In other words, your website must be user-friendly with simple creativity that is not boring to visitors for it to stand out.

With the above tips, you do not have an excuse for having a poor photography website.

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