Are Free Images For Commercial Use Worth It For Your Website and Social Media Pages?

This issue might be one of the toughest questions when selecting free images for commercial use. When posting content either on your website or in your social pages, pictures and images become an essential part. Content with images is a source of high traffic and better search engine ranking. Moreover, to enhance your online marketability, you cannot ignore the power of pictures.

Unfortunately, capturing high-quality photos requires massive investment in purchasing a high-resolution camera. Or else you need to hire a professional photographer. Besides, you can buy online high-quality images for commercial use that come with unbearable copyright and royalty fees.  Combining these expenses with marketing and web hosting costs, it becomes an expensive affair.

 Luckily, the internet present unending opportunities to access free images for personal and commercial use. But are they worth it? Here is a review of the yes and no’s of free images for commercial use in social media and websites:

 The Good side of free images

A major setback in using photography is the copyright and royalty restrictions. While as you may be willing to have some images on your site, the associated cost of accessing copyright licenses and accompanying royalty fees may be unbearable.  With the free to use photos particular ones labeled public domain images, such restrictions do not exist.  As such, you can use the photos for any purpose you desire.

 Also, you can get any image on your niche as the free photo stocks are regularly updated. Hence, you can make your website impressive without having to use extra coins on photos.

The bad side

As the saying goes cheap is always expensive, and you always reap according to what you sow. While you easily access free image for commercial use on the free photo stock, you trade them with your site unique identity. As you know, anything attractive is so to several persons. Hence, your photos of choice have a higher chance of being in use by other site owners in your niche. It means that your site will look similar to that of your competitor denying you an opportunity to be unique.

The images available may be below your quality bar. You may find that the image you are looking for is of poor quality, low resolution or of a smaller size than the one you need. Hence, using them will make your site unattractive.

Final thoughts

As you can see, free images for commercial use are easy to access if you have a fixed budget. However, you need to be concise when selecting your photos to ensure your site does not lose its uniqueness and quality.

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